Business Events

When planning a business event, considering how you might enhance the day with audiovisual tools is vital.

Everyone does Powerpoint, but there are so many possibilities to take your event to the next level - whether it's a DVD of the training for future screening, or a webvideo montage of the day's activities helping to grow interest in the next one; perhaps even adding a live multicamera feed to your projector screens to maximise your presenters' connection with the audience.

How much will it cost? Well, since every event is different, that depends on your requirements! But to give you an idea, here are some example packages with guide prices:

Package A - 250

A half-day event, shot single camera and edited into a short highlights video for Youtube.

Package C - 2000

A full day event, shot with two cameras, mixed live onto projector screen(s), and recorded for later use†.

Package B - 1000

A half-day event, shot dual camera*, edited onto twin DVDs, duplicated** (up to 50 copies), and edited into a short Youtube highlights video.

Whatever your ideas for your event, get in contact today, for a customised quote, with several levels of extras for you to choose from - so we can find the perfect video solution for you.

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Colour Surge Media

* = Dual camera means one operated and one fixed videocamera. Figure quoted assumes no commercial or production music is played during the event. If this is not the case, music licensing fees will incur an additional charge.

** = DVDs are supplied in a flexible plastic wallet, with black & white printed title only. Cases, jackets and colour face printing will incurr additional charges per DVD. Discs used are either Taiyo Yuden DVD-R (see and or Falcon DVD-R ( and While these discs have excellent compatibility with most DVD systems, like all duplicated DVDs they cannot be guaranteed to work on all players.

† = Two cameras means two individually operated videocameras. Supply of projector(s) and screen(s) will incur additional costs. DVD authoring of the footage, and any subsequent editing required, will incur additional costs.