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Having seen the impact of video communication, you want to leverage that power for your business. You want a video that connects with your audience, conveys your message, and does it with style.

Whether it's webvideo or a physical DVD, Colour Surge Media can help you achieve your goals through video production.

How much will it cost? Although the answers to that are as numerous as the creative possibilites, here are some example options with guideline prices:

Package A - 250

A half-day shoot, at a single location, one day of editing into a simple 2-3 minute webvideo, hosted on Youtube.*

The client requested three versions of this video with different endings. Because we shot them all together in one session, this added little to the final charge.

Package C - 1000

Two days of shooting, five days of editing, becoming a 10 minute Youtube webvideo.

A short documentary, which goes into more detail on an issue than is possible in a three minute webvideo - but which requires engaging content to hold audience attention.

Package B - 650

A full day shoot, utilising actors, two days of editing into a 2-3 minute webvideo, hosted on Youtube.

This video was commissioned together with ten simple talking head videos about various aspects of skin treatment, shot on the same day, totalling value of 1000.

Package D - 3500

Two weeks shooting, three weeks of editing, cut into a 20 minute film, placed on Youtube, and onto DVDs. Additionally, a 2 minute trailer version created for the web.

A more in-depth short documentary, commissioned by a local charity after we helped them win a funding bid to get it made.

These packages include everything: preparation & planning, lighting, video recording in High Definition, editing, a preview for you to feedback on, extra time for changes, creating a Youtube channel for you and uploading the video.

Of course, every video is different, and you may want to film in a variety of locations, add music and graphics, or include footage of your company working in different contexts. The more creative your idea, the better! Naturally, these aspects will add to the cost of the production, but the added investment will be apparent in the quality of the final video.

Whatever you want to achieve, get in contact today for a customised quote, so we can find the perfect video production for you.

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* = Figure quoted does not include background music, creation of a logo animation or supply of a recording location. These will incur additional charges if required. Additional videos can be added at a reduced rate, if shot on the same day and location. Video will be hosted on Youtube. Embedding code can be passed to a webdeveloper, and support will be given, but embedding the video on a website is the client's reponsibility.