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CueSongs beta revisited – colour me surprised!

Almost a year ago now, I blogged an early judgement on the CueSongs beta. Suffice to say I was very disappointed at a service that was trumpeted as a radical shake-up of music licencing, making it accessible and affordable for … Continue reading

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Verdict on the CueSongs beta – Not for the likes of us

Update 22/01/13: Since CueSongs has recently changed significantly in the aspects I discuss here, see this updated blog post for a second look at the issue. As a video production company, naturally we use a lot of music. Often clients … Continue reading

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Obama’s Bin Ladin announcement – 5 reasons it was great

I expect most of you will have watched this already, but it’s worth another look: (Click to watch) It’s a masterclass of understated, powerful video. One shot, nine minutes long, with almost no camera movement. Just one man, doing a … Continue reading

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Video problems? Have less cookies!

Here’s a quick helpful video hint for you all. If you’re having technical problems playing back videos on Youtube, with symptoms like occasional audio stutters, the “replay” screen coming up several seconds before the video has ended, or even the … Continue reading

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Whytube? – 9 reasons to host your business videos on Youtube

For Colour Surge’s clients, I recommend that they host their new videos on Youtube. But why Youtube? Surely it’s the go-to site for hilarious ten second clips of people injuring themselves, and unending cat videos? Is it really the place … Continue reading

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What is HD?

Hello and welcome to the first of a series of guide blogs by Colour Surge Media, explaining aspects of video production. Today, we look into HD, and what it means. HD. It’s everywhere – it’s pretty much impossible to buy … Continue reading

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